Testimonial from Kevin Whelan

The following testimonial was written by Kevin Whelan, a student in my private coaching program.

When I was considering signing up for Jonathan’s Private Coaching Program, I had to decide whether to “go for it” myself and take a risk on my new positioning, or work with him to help reduce some of those risks. Ultimately, it was a value decision. If I didn’t feel like I could get full value for my investment, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

After working with Jonathan for about 10 months or so, I had a number of “firsts”. These are important milestones for me and I don’t think I would have accomplished any of them if not for specialization. Also, I would not have jumped with two feet into specialization if not for Jonathan, so I owe a lot of this to his guidance.

The following are all firsts for me:

  1. Specialization in an industry vertical (marketing for coworking spaces)
  2. Email list 175+ people (never had a growing email list before as a generalist)
  3. Wrote over 100 articles
  4. Guest on two podcasts
  5. Speaker at an upcoming industry conference
  6. Presented at an industry seminar that people paid to attend
  7. Sold my first info product (mini course)
  8. Started regularly producing webinars
  9. Started and successfully grew my first membership program (to ~20 people)
  10. Sold my first single strategy call (usually only sold longterm engagements)
  11. Started generating incoming leads/inquiries/clients in a market vertical (as opposed to from anywhere)

Getting access to Jonathan’s experience and insights in a highly personalized way was the most helpful. It’s sometimes hard to apply what I “know” to my unique situation, and he helped me in more ways than I expected when it came to the tactics and strategies involved in my transformation to specialization. My website copy got a lot stronger, my positioning became specific and strong, and I made progress on all the goals I had on my wishlist (info products, podcast guest, email list, etc.)

Would I recommend Private Coaching with Jonathan? Hell yeah. Making a transformation of this kind can take many times longer when you go it on your own. He stopped me from making dozens of missteps along the way. Hiring him means protection from the downside and a straighter line to the upside potential of what I’m trying to accomplish. It is great having a sounding board from someone you like AND respect. He fundamentally changed the direction of my future for the better. Thank JS!

Kevin Whelan

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