January 16, 2024

Let It Snow!

Where I live in New England, it is finally snowing hard enough to pull out the snow shovels. Yay!

That being the case, we’ve been spending more time than usual camped out in front of the fireplace with a (slightly too large) blaze blazing inside.

All of this fire-making reminded me of a series of emails I ran in 2020 that I collected together into a PDF entitled “The Camp Wood Saga.”

It’s basically a little crash course in microeconomics, positioning, and profitability inspired by folks who sell firewood at the ends of their driveways in a small town we passed through on vacation one year.

I usually only share this document with the members in Ditcherville, but I’m feeling festive, so I figured I’d make it available to the whole list for a few days.

Here you go:


(note: this link will expire, so don’t wait!)



P.S. The Camp Wood Saga is just one of a big list of resources available to Ditchers.

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