October 27, 2023

Another way to discourage “binge eating” in an AYCE subscription model

Longtime friend of the list, Kamran Ayub, replied to my recent message about controlling scope in an AYCE subscription service with some recent experience of his own (shared with permission):

Another way I do it (with one client, so YMMV) is by separating out “multimedia” production as an add-on to the subscription. I do technical content marketing/creation activities for my clients.


That way, the client can decide when they want to engage with me for done-for-you content production but don’t have to pay a premium every month if all they want is writing. I use the Kanban-style WIP limit model too, but I add a check-in meeting and Slack channel to help do some strategic planning each billing cycle.

So far, it’s been working well, but I’m only on month two :-)

Have a lovely day,


Thanks to KA for sharing!