October 25, 2023

One way to discourage “binge eating” in an AYCE subscription model

Fellow list member Allen Shaw replied to one of my earlier messages to share his experience offering AYCE subscription services (shared with permission):

Great points.

I’m currently offering AYCE training/coaching to a few clients, and it’s awesome!


Sure, some months, my “effective hourly rate” is lower than other months.


The motto is, essentially, “I won’t do it for you, but I will do it with you.”

Clients ask me all kinds of things they would never have asked on an hourly or per-request pricing model -- and therefore, they learn all kinds of things and become more proficient at supporting themselves.

Yes, it’s all-you-can-eat, but because it’s advisory and always with the client, I’m not dealing with deadlines or project management.

As a result, their systems are better organized and more secure, and they actually know what their systems are doing.

Naturally, this increases trust in the relationship and the client’s own understanding of their systems strengths and weaknesses, as well as my understanding of their business goals and limitations, so it’s easier to discuss the value proposition of any specific non-advisory work they may decide to do -- and of course, they’re coming to me for that.

Not all of my offerings will fit the AYCE model, but for advisory work, it’s working out great.



Allen’s approach discourages the capacity problems that can arise in an AYCE subscription model because Allen’s client has to spend the same amount of time as Allen on each request.

This incentivizes the client only to make requests when they are really important AND to get things done as quickly as possible when they are working together.

Very clever!

Thanks to AS for sharing his experience :-)