September 22, 2023

The Why Conversation in Architecture

Fellow list member Nick Poulsen replied to my last email to share his experiences with new clients “brain dumping” in sales meetings in the architecture space (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan,

I love the point that Michael makes about the realisation of the potential you’ve proposed.

Just an observation from my work perspective as an architect, one of the major issues I find with clients when as you rightly say, they do a brain dump, is that it’s usually a mish mash of differing ideas which allows me the opportunity to go back to the basics I’ve learnt from you, ie Why this, Why that and piece the project together as a coherent master plan.

Nine times out of ten clients love the clarity of the master plan and the vision it brings to their project!

Just sharing . . . !

All the best

Nick Poulsen

Thanks so much to Nick for sharing this!


9 out of 10 clients love it.