August 19, 2023

Cringy Names

As business owners, we have to name stuff all the time.

Things like products, services, programs, workshops, books, podcasts, newsletters, and maybe even your overall business (if you don’t want to use your own name).

There’s tons of advice online about how to pick a good name for something, but there’s one critical thing that I’ve only ever heard Alexandra Watkins mention:

Think about how people will FEEL when they say your name to their friends.

(from her interview on the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast with Louis Grenier)

Yes! This is so important!


Because if people don’t like the way saying your name makes them feel, then they are not going to want to say it.

This will decrease your word-of-mouth, which is bad for business because referrals are a fantastic way to get new clients, customers, readers, listeners, etc.

So when you’re considering a new name, do what you can to make sure you pick one that makes people want to say it to their friends.