June 22, 2023

Monetize Your Obsession

This is certainly NOT the only approach to starting a business, but it can work for certain types of people:

  1. Pick an obsession
  2. Monetize it enough that you can keep going indefinitely
  3. Create leverage over time to continually increase your profits

The third step is usually pretty straightforward once you get to it.

The second step is usually pretty tough because it requires empathizing with a bunch of strangers.

The first step tends to be either easy or impossible.

If you’re not the obsessive type, a different strategy would probably be more effective.

But if you are, step one should be pretty easy.



P.S. I’ve got a question for the obsessive types:

What have been your biggest obsessions over the years?

Please hit reply and let me know!

(Mine, in order: creative writing, computers, D&D, martial arts, playing guitar, building software, pricing services)