March 4, 2023

There’s demand, and then there’s demand

They’re two ways to think about demand (in the business sense) that seem pretty common and can be kind of confusing:

  1. A desire for a problem to be solved (problem-centric)
  2. A desire for a particular solution (solution-centric)

An example of problem-centric demand might be:

"There are people who have squirrels living in their garage and want them gone."

Sample headline:

"Do you want those dang squirrels out of your garage forever?"

An example of solution-centric demand might be:

"There are people who want to buy squirrel traps."

Sample headline:

"Are you looking for the best dang squirrel trap on the market?"

You can build a business in either style, but generally speaking, I think problem-centric is a lot more fun.