January 28, 2023

Building Trust In Your Target Market

People don’t buy stuff from people they don’t trust.

And if your offer sounds too good to be true, it’ll be hard for your buyers to trust you.

Here’s the thing...

When you offer a product or service to your target market, you need to do so in a way that sounds credible (i.e., the opposite of incredible) to your ideal buyers if you want them to seriously consider buying from you.

What will sound credible to a given ideal buyer depends on probably a dozen factors, including but not limited to:

So, yeah...

It is VERY hard to balance all of these things in a way that clicks with your ideal buyers.

But if you don’t figure it out, they won’t buy.

How do you figure it out?

By having conversations with the ideal buyers in your target market as often as you can.



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