September 23, 2022

Success story from reader Dominic Whittle

Fellow list member Dominic Whittle wrote in with a proposal writing tip that has been successful for him (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan,

I wanted to share something that’s working for me as I transition to value based project pricing.

Following a sales call I write up and send the client a standalone Situation Appraisal.

No proposal or pricing with it. Just getting clear on the goals and objectives and having a stab at what that means in terms of client value.

Splitting this from the proposal (although I also include it again in the proposal) been effective for a few reasons I think:

Long term the situation appraisal as a separate step from the proposal won’t be necessary, but I think it’s useful in this transition period.

Best, Dom

I love this idea!

If you’re still trying to get comfortable with The Why Conversation and value pricing for custom projects, Dom’s tip might be worth a try.