September 24, 2022

Retainer Survey (Do Not Google!)

If you have a sec, please hit reply and answer the following question:

How would you describe the characteristics of a retainer engagement?

Why do I ask?

Because as far as I can tell, the word retainer is widely misunderstood.


I’d like know how people here on the daily list interpret the word “retainer” in the context of a service business.

There is only one rule:


I want to know what YOU think a retainer is off the top of your head without consulting Google or anything else.

If you have no idea... great!

That’s a useful reply.

If you’re pretty sure you only have a partial understanding... great!

That’s a useful reply.

If you have a very detailed answer but you think my definition is different... great!

That’s a useful reply.

Don’t overthink it... Just hit reply and braindump.


FYI: I suspect that I will probably share some of the results, but don’t worry... I’ll keep it completely anonymous.