August 10, 2022

Cut-Throat Lemonade

Imagine two kids - Alice and Bob - selling lemonade in stands next to each other on the street.

Everyday you walk by and see that they are increasingly in competition with each other

First it’s price drops.

Then it’s added features (extra ice!) and options (regular AND sugar-free!)

Over time, the competition between the two of them escalates to the point where one day you walk by and they’re literally wrestling with each other.

Alice, with her foot on young Bob’s throat, yells over to you:

“Hey there! You thirsty?”


Does any of this competition increase your desire to buy a lemonade?


In fact, it probably decreases it.

Here’s the thing...

Focusing on your competition is asinine.

Instead, focus on your ideal buyers and helping them get what they want.

Let your “competitors” fight it out in the dust behind you.