July 20, 2022

Reader question from Hanno Braun re writing and speaking

Fellow list member Hanno Braun wrote in to ask the following question about the importance of writing and speaking (shared with permission):

Hey Jonathan,

I’ve heard you say (or seen you write) this quite a few times:

“There are two types of publishing you need to do as an authority: writing and speaking.”

Unfortunately I don’t recall why each of those two types is important, although I’m sure I must have heard you explain that too.

Is it because writing produces content that can be found easier through search engines, while speaking is better at building trust? Or is there something else at play?

Thank you for all the things you publish! They’ve been very helpful to me over the years.



Great question!

Here’s my answer:

  1. Writing deepens your thinking, creates unique IP, and positions you as an authority.
  2. Speaking creates an emotional connection, builds trust, and accelerates sales.

These two activities combine to create a virtuous cycle for anyone who’s trying to build an expertise-based business.