July 19, 2022

Success story from reader David Pokorny

Fellow list member David Pokorny wrote in to share a recent success story (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan, just wanted to say a huge Thank You.

Been freelancing for 2.5 yrs now. Thanks to you (and fellow mentors) I was able to make AUD44k in the first year and this year I’ve already made AUD60k in sales.

I moved to Australia from Europe 3wks before covid and the lockdown started. Wanted to earn some money and travel. I had an easy construction job but then, cuz of COVID, I lost it.

Back in the day, website design was only my hobby. I decided to give it a go and start freelancing. The best decision I’ve ever made.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything you do for our community!



Did you catch that?

In his first year, David brought in AUD44k.

This year, he’s at AUD60k and it’s only July.

So even if things trail off a bit, he’s on track to break six-figures for the first time this year.

Working ON your business works.

You just have to find time to do it.