June 11, 2022


Your buyers don’t really care how much time it takes you to deliver your service or how tedious it is for you or how many years it took you to accumulate your expertise.

They just want results.

And the results they want are worth a certain amount of money to them.

If your costs (and therefore, your prices) are higher than what the results are worth to your buyer, then no amount of “educating the client” about your overhead is going to close the deal.



P.S. This week, a spot opened up in my 4-month private coaching program.

If you have a successful business that has been stuck at the same level for a few years, it might be for you.

Three people have applied so far but interviews don’t begin until this week, so it’s not too late to apply.


(If you’re running a firm, the engagement is slightly different than described on that page but apply anyway and we can discuss.)