March 30, 2022

Success story from reader Scott Brenner

Fellow list member Scott Brenner wrote in with a success story about using value pricing in a three-option proposal (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan,

Just want to say a quick "thanks!".

My biz partner and I pitched a client using your value-based pricing model and 5-page proposal. The client went for "option 2" and didn’t push back on our statement that the fee is due, in full, up front.

This is a ~$15,000 web design / SEO job that we otherwise probably have priced around $5,000.

Scott Brenner

Yep, it works folks.

If you are doing custom projects for clients, you might want to look into setting your prices based on value with a Goldilocks pricing curve in a three-option proposal format where you ask for 100% up-front.