March 22, 2022

You are in control

Your current situation is almost certainly optional.

For example:

These things are all completely in your control.

You don’t need permission from anyone to do any of these things.

Would any of them be easy?

No! Of course not!

Would there be consequences?

Yes! Of course!


Once you recognize that you can do these things, then you are forced to admit that if you don’t, it’s because you decided not to.

It’s not because you’re trapped by circumstances, or that the world has conspired against you, but because you have decided to stay in your current situation.

Here’s the thing…

Character is revealed through action in the face of dilemma.

What someone does when faced with two bad options tells you who they really are.

I’m not saying it easy.

Far from it.

But what choice do you really have?