January 28, 2018

Where my horse people at?

When it comes to asking your contacts for referrals, it pays to be very specific about what kind of client you want to connect with.

This is because high specificity triggers a Rolodex Moment, which in turn unlocks the exponential magic of network dynamics.

To prove my point, yesterday I asked:

“Are you connected to someone who owns thoroughbred horses?”

It seems to me that “thoroughbred horse owners” is an almost comically small target market. Still, I was fairly confident that I’d get a few replies.

I was not disappointed.

So far, 12 people have replied saying they know someone who personally owns thoroughbred horses, or owns regular horses and might know a thoroughbred owner.

Horses... what are the odds? Pretty good, it turns out.

Long-time reader and “friend of the show” Matt K said it best:

”It’s amazing how the world explodes when you get hyper-specific, and does absolutely nothing when you don’t.”