Captain’s log, stardate 20211027



How do divas get away with being divas?

Because they reliably deliver things that lots of people want really bad.

I’m not suggesting that being difficult on purpose is an effective way to behave in the world. That would be silly.

I’m just pointing out that IF you can reliably deliver things that lots of people want really bad, THEN you will have lots of autonomy regarding how you spend your time AND how you choose to conduct yourself.

Here’s the thing…

Nobody gets to be a diva because they are “the most professional” or “the most punctual” or “the most congenial”.

If you want to be professional and punctual and congenial, I heartily encourage you to do so! They won’t hurt you at all.


If you want to have lots of flexibility with your time and don’t want to worry about your idiosyncrasies, then reliably delivering things that people want really bad is one way to get there.

(And oh by the way… divas are paid _very well.)_




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