August 28, 2021

Success story from reader Michelle Guerra

Fellow list member Michelle Guerra wrote in with a wonderful milestone that I hope will inspire you (shared with permission):


Good Morning!

During our 1-on-1 coaching session in February of this year, (which seems like forever now) I shared one of my goals for being in business was to pay off our house. As of last Friday (Aug 20th), we made our final payment, which is 4 1/2 months earlier than we planned. This now puts us in the category of being completely Debt Free! 🎉

Here is the strange part...

By accomplishing this goal I now feel a sigh of relief of not having to struggle to find clients that will pay me what I am worth. Or feel like I have to accept breadcrumbs in payment for what services I provide to those... what you call Fire Drill Clients.

I now feel more confident about what content, wisdom, or opinions I share with my email list, clients, prospects, or referral partners. Why? Because I don’t feel any sense of dependency on those that don’t value me or my business (which I think is generally the reason most people put up with it... dependence on money).

Thank you for all the things that you do!! (i.e. Podcasts, Daily Emails, Weekly Cartoons, Coaching Community, etc.) Your mission and work that you share inspire me to continue my own mission and work.



Dependence on money - or more specifically, being desperate for money - is at the root of all bad deals.

Can you imagine being debt free?

Some questions:

And most importantly:



P.S. The next session of The Pricing Seminar is launching in September.

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