August 19, 2021

Untold Misery

When you bill for your time, the client doesn’t know the actual price until the project is complete.

Sure, you probably gave them an estimate prior to starting work, but an estimate is not a price.

If it were a price you’d stick to it.

But you don’t stick to it, do you?

That’s exactly why you call it an estimate... so you don’t have to stick to it.

Here’s the thing...

When presented with an estimate, the client is forced to make a buying decision as if the estimate were a price.

This disconnect is the source of untold misery.

Look at it like this...

How would you feel if your kid got into Harvard and the admissions counselor said:

“Well, we think it might be about $100,000 but it depends... might be more. We’ll let you know the actual amount once they graduate. Whaddaya say?”

Kinda stressful, no?



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