August 10, 2021

Success story from reader Ilie Pandia

Fellow list member Ilie Pandia replied to my message about market value to share a success story (shared with permission):

At one point in my career I asked for 5 times my “normal” salary. I was told: this in not the market value for your position.

My reply was: as you know by now I am way above “average”.

The called back in 2 hours and say yes.

So yeah, this “market value” is a trap to get you to accept less than you know you’re worth (to them).

Best, ILIE

This type of negotiation would never have worked if the client considered Ilie to be “just one of many” providers (i.e., a commodity).

To justify premium fees, it helps considerably to be viewed by your ideal buyers as “the one and only” for whatever it is that you do.

How do you do this?

Aspire to be a key, not a cog.



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