July 14, 2021

Credible vs Acceptable

There’s a difference between a credible claim and an acceptable offer.

A credible claim is simply one that you believe. It doesn’t mean that you care about it or would exchange money for it.

For example, here’s a claim that most people would probably find credible:

"I can teach you how to play chopsticks on the piano in a weekend."

An acceptable offer is a trade that you are willing to make with another party. It’s usually an exchange of the buyer’s money for the seller’s product or service, but it could be an exchange involving other types of value.

For example, here’s a credible claim that I doubt anyone would consider an acceptable offer:

"I can teach you how to play chopsticks on the piano in a weekend for $50,000."

The claim is still credible but there’s probably not enough value in the offer to make it acceptable (i.e., to justify the price).

Here’s the thing...

Before an offer can be considered acceptable by your buyer, you need to make a credible claim.

Once you’ve cleared that hurdle, they can consider whether the offer is acceptable.



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