November 20, 2016

Tiny follow-up to “public speaking tips”

Yesterday, you got a pretty long email from me about public speaking. I don’t want to clog up your inbox with long messages (especially if public speaking is not your thing) so today I’m going to keep it short:

My friend and javascript demigod Remy Sharp (@rem on Twitter) wrote in contribute two more tips:

Two tips I always share with new speakers asking for advice:

Remy is a veteran of the speaker circuit and even runs the #ffconf javascript conference. So, suffice it to say he knows what he’s talking about and I completely agree with his advice.

Is public speaking something you’re interested in?

If public speaking is your thing, I have a secret post for newbs and veterans alike:

Hacking Conferences For Fun And Profit

(Please don’t share! This is for my inner circle list only)



P.S. Speaking publicly is a fast track to increasing your authority and differentiating yourself from competitors, which allows you to increase your profits! Unless you bill by the hour :( Check out my book Hourly Billing Is Nuts to learn more.