July 10, 2021

How To Become A Billionaire

What if you saw a tweet about an upcoming workshop that said:

I will teach you how to become a billionaire

Would you consider this a credible claim?

Probably not.

But... it depends on a few things:

1) What if your net worth was currently $900M?

Surely getting to a billion wouldn’t seem incredible since it’s only a small percentage increase.

2) What if the workshop was being taught by Mark Cuban?

Surely if anyone could teach you how to become a millionaire, it would be someone like Mark Cuban.

3) What if you had a history of following through on personal development opportunities?

Surely if you’ve successfully capitalized on growth opportunities in the past, you would be able to do it again.

Here’s the thing...

The credibility of a claim depends on multiple factors: the magnitude of the change, the reputation of the seller, and the confidence of the buyer.

If it turns out that the claims you’re making in your marketing aren’t considered credible by your ideal buyers, pick one of these three things and work to improve it.



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