July 7, 2021

Your replies to the $1k Phone Call challenge

Thanks to everyone who replied to my $1k Phone Call challenge from last week.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I have to say... y’all blew me away!

Not only were there tons of replies (77 and counting!), but several of them included fairly complete sales page drafts with solid copywriting.


NOTE: This message is about 20x longer than you’re used to from me, so feel free to archive it if you don’t have time to read it right now. But if you would like to start charging $1k for a phone call and have no idea how to do it, I think you’ll find some inspiration below.



P.S. Everything from here to the end is was contributed by your fellow daily list members (shared with permission, lightly edited for readability):

Benoit Gantaume


Here is my idea :

Want to create a software ?

What if a simple phone could avoid you failing your project ?

I see so many entrepreneurs wasting such much of energy falling into software development pitfalls.

Over budget, over delay, bugs, useless features, knowledge management...

There are so many reasons why you can loose money and put your project at risk.

I can help you to avoid those pitfalls.


put here more stuff on the offer


** put here some social proof like ’100k auditors can’t all be wrong’**


Abhi Garg

Something to the tune of:

Would you like to unlock a million-dollar pipeline with an upfront $1K investment?


Would you invest $1K in a bluechip stock and wait for it to become $2K in 5 years or get 10x on the investment in the next 1 hour?


What you decide in the next 60 seconds could determine if your spare $1K becomes $100K or stays $1K.



Joseph Robison

An old trope but still works:

10 years of experience compressed into one hour.

Laurier Mandin

“We guarantee at least a direct 3k ROI or we’ll refund your money in full.”

Love everything you do, Jonathan!


Reuben Herzl

A sales page that offers $1,000 phone consultations could have a couple of approaches.

Limit the number of slots available (artificial supply constraint, perhaps?), diagnose an expensive problem, teach someone "to fish," or provide an incredible experience within that hour (and no, I’m not thinking 1-900 numbers).


St John Craner

Why not, seems like fun….here’s my 2c Jonathan : )

Sorry didn’t have time to put in a snazzy one pager:

Your Most Profitable 15minute Phone Call Ever

What if I was to tell you just a tiny 1% increase in your pricing would equate to a massive 11% increase in your profitability?

Don’t believe me? Try McKinsey (INSERT credible infographic and URL to famous research paper with endorsing McKinsey logo)

In our FREE 15 minute phone call, I will show you exactly how you present your pricing in such a way that it increases your chances of securing a higher price for your product or service by 50%.

It’s simple behavioural science that many don’t take the time to learn that context is key.

Make sure you don’t miss my call. I’d hate you to miss out making more money.

Secure your call now (INSERT CALENDY/ETC LINK). First in, first served (limit 20).

St John “Money Maker” Craner

Federico Tomassetti

Hi Jonathan,

Long time fan of your work here.

This is what I would write. Hope it makes sense as English is not my native language.

You have been considering starting a Language Engineering project for a while. You have great expectations but internal discussions run out in circles. The fact is that, despite having a talented technical team, you do not have experience with this kind of project. As consequence you are not really sure on how to move forward: what design is most appropriate, which technologies to pick. You are not even sure your expectations make sense. This is stressful. Indecision mixed with stress percolates from you to the team. This is not a solid basis to start a project which should have such an impact on your organization. You should be running and instead, you look around at each step, wondering if you are on the right path or maybe you should reconsider.

This can change quite simply, in one hour. What could help you is to borrow experience in this particular field and get suggestions on how to proceed. Maybe even just reassurance that you are going in the right direction already. With that confidence, you will be able to move forward. Think of it as one (very effective) hour of therapy, to remove stress and indecision and liberate your team, so that they can deliver results.

The price is a tiny fraction of the value of your project. One thousand dollars. That’s less than 850 Euro!



Samuel Ng

I would focus on the results that I can bring to them. It should be about 10k of value since I’m charging 1k. The phone call is the deliverable but not the result.

James Samuel

Oh that’s a good one Jonathan . . .

The opening line is not for those who understand that hourly billing is nuts, but for those who work a 40+ hour week and know what they make 🙂

$1,000 for a call

How much is your time worth?

$50 - $150 - $500 an hour?

In this call (max 2 hours) I guarantee to put you firmly on the path to recovering between 4-8 hours a week - forever!

You’ll see how you can ’responsibly’ and without dropping any balls, reduce time in the mundane, so you can spend it on your high value activities.

I’ll walk you through the logical easy to understand steps (you’ll receive the book after the call), that will significantly reduce the time spent searching and looking for files and information.

I’ll also share my project-centric information framework for organising for effective action and decision making.

4-8 hours a week applied on projects that move the needle on your business. You can work out the return on that time!

Book your call here

James Samuel

Geir Herskedal

I understand you can solve my problems.

Your solutions convince me that I shold call, that you can take me from where I am today to a place I would like to be.

Some cind of garantees

Social proofs that the price is way below the value, ie that my next 3 calls is half the price.

Vassilis Stergioudis

Hey Jonathan,

I think the sales page would say something like this.

"You struggle with your business... You see the end coming... and it’s gonna hurt! But wait, X is here for you to lift you up! He’s worked on your sector for 2 decades and he’s willing to help you! Not only will you stop losing money, but he guarantees that you’ll expand your business 5x in the next year! X is only a call away. Call 000-0000000 now and you’ll be amazed! Did we mention that all of this is at an insanely low price? For just $1000, you’ll save your business!"

This is the general structure, I believe. (You have a pain somewhere. It really sucks. You need help. X is the one you are looking for. He has expertise in your sector and he’s only a call away. Give $1000, save your business).

With joy,


George Georgieff

If you are a millionaire and would want to become a billionaire, call me, pay me $1000 and I will tell you how to do it.

Roberto Solano

Tired of not having financial freedom? Want more time for your hobbies and loved ones? I have moved from a regular worker life and for $1000 I will give you a 1:1 consultation on the steps to achieve it. Are you gonna answer the call or wait your life to pass by waiting "for the moment".

Sergey Tozik

Jonathan, tough exercise...

How can you deliver perceived value of about 10k in an hour or so? I am thinking about a dinner with W.Buffett but adjusted to much lower cost... May be the very fact of talking to you can bring this value? How much would you pay for 30 second elevator ride with Elon Musk?

So, suppose that somebody with very high profile in some community may sell rare endorsement as a social proof, akin to FDA endorsement of a vaccine. Approved by Jonathan Stark... is it worth it?

Sales page?

Schedule a call with me and if I will find your idea worthy, I’ll endorse it in a way of your choosing.

Best health,

Sergey Tozik

Kenneth Nyongesa

The big bang

Andreas Voniatis

Free drugs?

Maciej Sarna


Do you want to cut your fintech saas time-to-market by half? It happens for 73% of my clients after just one phone call with me. Sounds too good to be true? No worries - if after the phone call you feel my advice is not for you I will return your fee, no questions asked.


1) I thought it is bullshit, but after talking to Magic my eyes have openend. It changed my life - the product we’ve been strugling with for 2 years got finished in a week and now it is our biggest succes and main revenue driver!

2) Don’t tell this to Magic: talking to him is a steal! I thought 3k for a phone call is crazy, and it sas - crazy cheep for what it helped us do. We were at the end of or first round of financing with no mvp on the horizon, but Magic’s advice heleped us get together and finish the mvp in 3 weeks! Now we have succesfully rised round 2 and are already earning from people buying uor product!

Call me now for just 1k$

(Full money back guarantee)

Hurry! The deal is over by 2nd Jully

Dan Baird

Fully booked for 6 months.

Alexander Fridman

"One consultation phone call that will generate 20k in profit"?


$100,000 return guaranteed !!

Or your Money Back !

Dr. Ulrich Riedel

Your best investment of today: the solution you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Paul Alderson

"If you can clearly articulate a challenge facing your nutrition business, at the end of our call I guarantee you’ll have a way to tackle it and improve your business, using your brand.”

Dave Young

I guarantee to change your life today for ever after. And if I don’t you can have your money back with interest.

Danny R

The most compelling thing I saw in a proposal (from a marketing and lead gen firm) was for a $30k project that said "our aim is to help you earn back this cost in the first month, the rest is pure profit" which they backed up with their plan and the numbers. Deal closed, no brainer.

So if the call page said something like "you’ll save 10x" or "you’ll make 10x" - $10k - I’d guess that’d be a no brainer.

Nice timing - I’m sitting here wondering how to slot a paid phone consult into my service ladder 😆 I was thinking it should be $300-$500... maybe I’ll talk about how much wasted time it could save!

Marton Ancsan

Hi Jonathan,

Three things

Thank you for your great work!

Grant Sparkes-Carroll

I get it. How much money do you want to make? What do I have to make to make it worth it?

If we up the stakes, and let’s say I want to earn $1m a year. What value do I need to create to make $1m divided by customers. eg 100 customers @ 10k. (not outrageous pricing)

What 100 care about something there willing to pay 10k = niche.

What problem is worth around that much to solve.

What value can I add to make it a no brainer. ie x10 worth it. ie get your money back, worth it.

tick toc tick toc tick toc (sound of me thinking)

or is that not value based pricing, is it productizing? ie dont put your price on the website price the problem?

Jochem Oosterveen

Hi Jonathan,

I think it would have to accurately describe a very specific problem domain, and then state that you have experience in dealing with that sort of issues and are happy to help other people out.

For instance, we have a situation now where a customer from Morocco has been withholding payment for a very long time, and I’m quite sure we’d be more than happy to pay 1k for a phone call with someone who has experience with signing off tender projects there.

Cheers from the Netherlands

Ingrid Lill

Hi Jonathan,

thank you for the exercise! Here is my sales pitch:

Are you a seasoned coach or consultant, and tired of STILL not being able to succinctly say what makes you stand out?

If what you do is innovative, intangible or complicated, it can be difficult to capture.

Imagine - what if you could SEE what you are doing for your customers! It would be easy to describe!

One (Zoom) phone call with me can do this for you.

In a 120-minutes storyboarding session, we dive deeply into your business and distil the complexity into simple, elegant messaging, ready for your Linkedin profile. Or your website. Or your next sales call.

Side effects: Relevant illustrations, a fresh perspective, and, finally: fun!

Summer special: 997 USD

(Also great for aligning a whole team!)


Gary Blackman

The pitch would have to offer a clear and feasible path to recover the $1000 many times over. In other words, spending $1000 would have to look cheap compared to the expected return in the offer. Setting aside the actual words in the body copy, the headline and subhead could be something like this:

Would You Trade $1000 for an Extra $100,000?

Generate an extra $100,000 every year by offering your clients this one extra service - it literally sells itself.

And the best part is...you’re already set up to do it.

Victoria Zaborov

Hi Jonathan,

That’s a really interesting question.

I would use two methods:

  1. Eliminate any risk. Something like - money back guaranteed, no questions asked.
  2. If I didn’t establish any authority in my field, I’ll have to use someone else’s authority to back me up.

The sales page should offer social proof. Not just of regular people, but my audience should see names they’d recognize.

If I’m offering 1k phone call about marketing, it would be great to get an endorsement by someone like Seth Godin. If I can solve your sales funnel issues, Russell Brunson would be the best possible person to speak on my behalf.

The phone call should solve a big pain that’s costing people a lot of money plus show people who established their names in my field think I know what I’m talking about.

Now, the real challenge here is to actually pull it off.

But that wasn’t your question :)


Junaid Ahmed

That call would have to be able to solve the problem the client is having and maybe a guaranteed results?

List all the things they’d get in return.

This is really intriguing because I have a consultation fee of $350 right now and for each call they get these things

  1. Equipment price list for their home studio customized for them
  2. 3D modeling of their room created from provided dimensions and photos of.
  3. Wiring diagram on how all the equipment is connected
  4. Exact estimate of where the camera, lights and sound absorption panels go.
  5. Software needed for the best live show on the block

Would this call be cheaper than a course?

George Stocker

Racking my brain for this one; I’d have to find an issue that was urgent and important to my target market.

The problem is, I typically deal with important issues, not urgent issues, and so the racking is finding something urgent that would necessitate a $1000 call right now over a $10000 roadmap next week or month.

And come to think of it,

I can’t find one based on what I do that businesses would credibly and reliably pay $1000 for.

Ilie Pandia

EU Funding: Make sure your funding request is approved by saying and writing the right things in your proposal.

Bellow are $1M+ approved funding requests where owners used our help.

How to get the attention of fast lane investors? Book a call.

Future proof your Saas. We advice the top names in the game.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars when going through your divorce process.

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for this exercise. It is so hard not to sell to my wallet. I am realizing that I don’t know what kind of problems people with larger wallets have and I dont know what is a good strategy to find out.



Jonathan Bennett

I’m trying to get into the right mindset for this so here is my first stab:

As someone who knows how to do software development and build a product, my potential customers would want to know:

The result of the consulting call would be:

I obviously wouldn’t have the answers for them. This would require me to ask them the questions that put them in the right place to think about their problems from a different point of view.

Rajavanya Subramaniyan

Taylor Martin

With our $1,000 dollar consulting call we can help your business avoid tens of thousands of dollars in legal and settlement fees for not understanding how web accessibility really works.

Nick Romanos

I think it would have to be super outcome-focused.

After this call, you’ll be able to:

Naturally, it’s easier to make this promise if your offer is specific. If this is even a little bit vague, people will laugh at it.

Nikki Cross

WHAT a question.

For me, quite simply they’d need to see that the result of this call would be clarity.

Appreciate your content, always!


Brent Nygaard

Hi Jonathan,

In general, I think it would have to be a call dealing with a very specific, high priority issue for a very specific person.

More specifically, the first sales strategy that comes to my mind would be to target a problem that has very high urgency to it (e.g. target customer must talk to you within the next 24hrs to avoid a disaster that is probably going to hit them in ~2 days).

I would also definitely add a 100% money back guarantee.

I am not sure that all that would be enough! I don’t work with people (yet) who would pay that much for a phone call. Fun thought experiment though.

John Blust

Let me take a stab at it:

You want answers. Not a sales call.

You need to know whether you should turn left or right when marketing your DataOps SaaS product. Not a free "consultation" call that wastes your time and pitches a $10,000/month coaching program or a $100,000 mastermind group.

When you purchase my consultation call, you’ll get actionable advice from someone whose done it before (and from the 0.1% of marketing strategists that actually know what data engineering is).

Get advice on your next best move for marketing your DataOps SaaS product. Pick a time in my calendar that works best for you. I’ll follow up with some information you should have ready for the call so we can make the best use of your time with me."

That might be longer than what you were hoping for, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the offer, Jonathan.



Alexander Lapa

I would copy and paste https://jonathanstark.com/call Lol.

But seriously, here would be the key points for my sales page:


Sam Fisher

Nice one!

I can dramatically impact {problem that effects them}, as proven by {evidence}, resulting in {benefits that are worth more than $1000 to the client}.

For my business: I can drastically impact the accuracy of insurance pricing models, as proven by my case studies, resulting in a 3-5% improvement in profitability over baseline for most insurance companies that aren’t yet using machine learning.



Rick Manelius

Hi Jonathan,

While I’m a full-time tech startup CXO (I’m now in 5th company in 12 years that I’ve helped co-found/operate), I occasionally get a request to consult/advise/coach other executives at other startups. In general, getting a startup off the ground is easy in theory, but hard in practice. This is especially true for a 1st time founder that doesn’t know the 100+ things that could go wrong from dozens of directions. These founders are often overwhelmed in fighting a multi-front battle and need someone to rapidly assess the situation and provide actionable advice to overcome/eliminate the problems.

Given all that context (and I’m rapidly writing this without editing), my sales page would likely include some of the following elements:

/start sales page

/end sales page

That’s a lot and it could use some trimming, optimization. But if my sole goal was to get a page up in sub 1-hour and start directing people to a paypal button to pay/confirm, this would get me 30% there.



Michael Pollaci


For today’s question, I think it would have to include all the things a regular conversion page should include.

Michelle Guerra

I’ve known consultants that charge $1,500 for a coaching call. They do send a link to an intake form, once the payment is made. Asking brief but probing questions that help drive the person that is seeking help to have a better flow for the coaching call. Also allowing the coach to see more of a deeper issue that the person is struggling with.

Jennifer Lane

Hi Jonathan,

Answer to your $1K Phone Call question-

Sales page pitch:

How long have you been waffling about whether to renovate or build new? How do you pull all those seemingly different trains of thought on the topic together to come to a decision that you can feel confident about?

Perhaps it’s a matter of asking yourself some different questions. There is a process to coming to a solid decision. And, that process can start with a phone call.

(I think I’d be more likely to do an in person visit, given the nature of my work (Architect), but the idea remains roughly the same (I think))


David Hind-Smith

You’ll realize $2,000 in savings / profit in a month or I’ll refund the $1,000.

Alex DiVecchio


I think it would have to speak to the leverage I’m able to bring to the situation. The value I’m able to unlock with a few key insights/decisions. And possibly some kind of guaranteed ROI on that $1,000. Testimonials with those metrics would be important.

Cheers, thanks for all the free value you provide (and the paid stuff too!).


Andrea Moxham

Some sort of proof that someone else experienced massively impactful results after a consultation with you.

Brandon Reed

this is a cool idea...thanks for sharing...

Zuzana Zapletal

A really solid explanation of what benefits they will get during that consultation.

It would have to paint a picture from them of how you can take them from point A to point B during this call.


Rachel Zurer

The sales page would need to agitate the cost of NOT doing the call (and have it be much more than $1k). And convince me that my life would change after talking to you.

What is PROBLEM costing you?

If you could make it disappear in 60 minutes, guaranteed, what would that be worth to you?

Here’s what other people are saying about a call with me...

Mauro Chojrin

Interesting experiment :)

My first thought is it’d have to include very convincing testimonials of people making $10k+ as a result of the call

Mauro Chojrin

Consultor y formador PHP

Jon Schneck

Turn 1k into 10k.

Ludovic Mornand

No idea at all Jonathan!

Jaeson Tanner

It would have a value calculator demonstrating how engagement could produce efficiency or value of $10,000 in the first 30-60 days

Silvia Hidalgo

Hi there!

I think it would have to say who is it for? (in a very specific way, so that if you are that person, you know if this is right for you), the specific transformation you’re promising (whats the before and after the call?) and ideally testimonies from previous clients talking about your incredible consultation calls ;)

You could add more, but I think someone that’s willing to pay $1k for a call, would have enough with this.

Greetings from Costa Rica!

Daniel Lopez

Welcome to the most expensive call you will have in your entire life.

My name is [NAME] and I will help you [MOUTH-WATERING-BENEFIT]

I will teach you my step-by-step process to achieve [DESIRED-STATE].

How much is this call? $1,000. Yes. I know.

Another option is to spend 6 years and $250k learning by yourself. Just like me :D.

I have helped [LIST-3-CASE-STUDIES].

Btw, if you don’t feel I gave you $10k worth of value in this call I will refund your money and donate $100 to your city food bank in your name.

PS. Bonus: You can tell your friends and family that you paid 1000 bucks to talk to a guy from the internet and see their faces melt. Fun stuff.

PS 2. I will only do this for the first 3 people that click that big green beautiful PAY NOW button.

PS 3. After the call, I will send some goodies your way. Yes, my full course on [DESIRED-STATE] is included ;). This call is getting cheaper and cheaper eh...

Desmond Jordan

Hi Jonathon,

I don’t always have opportunity to read your communications but when I do it’s always worth my time. Thank you.

The question Re $1K phone call

I guess it is really a question of whether you would be willing to exchange money for an intangible benefit, particularly as you cannot assess its value to you in advance. In reality that means one would need have more context in order to make a decision? Testimonials would be key. Also what range of subjects would be covered in this conversation? How long would it be?

Anyway your specific questions was about website messaging. Here are a few separate ideas, some of which could be combined

Have you every had a conversation that helped you make a critical decision that changed your life? Looking back what was that discussion worth to you?

How much is the solution to a problem worth? What would you pay to have one of your biggest business problems solved?

Would you pay $1,000 for a discussion that might save you, (or make you) $10,000?

What about $25,000 or $50,000? These are the values that my clients X, Y and Z told me they placed on the benefits they got as a result a focused 1 on 1 discussion I had with them.

Knowing my extensive business experience, my work online, my professional reputation and that my specific areas of knowledge and expertise had relevance to their area of interest they took a quantified leap of faith that I could provide valuable insight or answers to matters that were challenging them.

Their investment and faith in me paid off handsomely, as it has for dozens of other clients.

Now I want to give a select number of newer contacts the same investment opportunity. $1000 for a 55 min conversation on the subjects of your choice. Will you take it?

What if it doesn’t help you? Truthfully I would be very surprised because clients tell me regularly that they learn something useful from every discussion we have.

Life and business is all about taking qualified risks. In this case your downside is limited to $1K and an hour of your time.

Only you can calculate the value of the upside.

To give you some examples, in the past clients have asked me to have a 1 on 1 discussion with them to help with the following:

To crystallize an important idea

To make a critical business or personal decision.

To decide whether to take on a very tempting six figure consultancy assignment given that I knew that would be technically very challenging and would demand so much of my time I would have to let down the 5 other clients I had spent 2 years building up lucrative ongoing relationships with.

Etc etc.

Norman Lieber

Huge return on investment with no risk. In exchange for $1,000 you’ll receive at least a 15% pay raise or the $1K is refunded to you. My system works. I’ve been a successful Executive Recruiter for over 40 years. I’ve secured healthy raises for tons of professionals like you. Schedule a short no-obligation phone discussion where we’ll determine if this is feasible in your situation.

Note: In actuality, I charge $2,500 for this service.

Viraj Shah

I think for $1k a call, you’re not going to have a high or non-zero hit rate unless you’re coming from a qualified source like a professional recommendation or similar. That being said, it is likely the less you say, the more you convey. If you need to get the sale on the spot, off the web page, having some high profile clients (whatever that means for your industry) on the site would help for "social proof". And maybe some sort of guarantee about what you can deliver in the consultation call and after (e.g., an info packet or other valuable documents).

José Martínez

Hey Jonathan,

I would write something in the lines of: "Wouldn’t you invest $1k in one quick call to be able to fix some of the many issues caused by poor strategy, that are costing you around $3000k per month in useless and ineffective marketing, ingredients getting spoiled and low sales due to less than ideal waiters behaviour at your restaurant?"

So the idea is to provide a comparative framework to show how the $1k for "just a quick call" is:

A) way less costly (money wise) to the client than doing nothing.

B) way less costly (time and pain wise) to the client than doing nothing

C) the price of the call has nothing to do with the "quick" or "short" (AKA amount of cost in your side or "cost of production). Actually, it makes total sense investing in a quick solution to solve a recurring or long term problem, even if it feels like the is high.

Which should get the client to say...Hell yeah! Let’s do it.

Thanks for all the good stuff and valuable content you put out there. Life changing.



Caleb Vainikka

Manufacturing engineering managers:

Are you swamped trying to prioritize your production work scheduling?

Do you know which tasks will have the highest ROI in production?

How many hours have you spend assigning and reassigning projects?

Would you like to get a few weeks back each year to work on your real priorities?

I can sort through the noise and help you prioritize your projects.

I’m currently booking 90-minute consulting calls for $1000.

If I can’t return at least $10,000 in value by sharing my ideas, I’ll refund your entire purchase.


Maybe you don’t have time for a call.

Here’s a free checklist of the questions that can help you be successful.

Make it a great week.

Steve Smith

XX Problem Solving Call

Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Hi, I’m Steve and I’ve made it my mission to solve [XX Problem]. These problems are difficult for most [generic service providers] to handle, because they lack my [unique experience and background]. However, I have a proven track record of solving XX Problem, and doing it consistently, quickly, and immediately with just one phone call.

Here are what my satisfied clients had to say:

"Steve was amazing. After just one call, my XX problem was solved. I can’t believe I wasted $5,000 and three weeks on ’cheaper’ options."

"We banged our head against the wall trying to solve XX problem for weeks. One call with Steve and he took care of it. Would recommend."

"We talked to Steve about our YY problem, hoping he could help. After helping determine it wasn’t XX problem, he referred us to a colleague at no charge who was able to assist us, for less than Steve would have charged!"

Steve is very busy and blocks out time for one call each Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm Eastern Time. You can sign up for an available slot here. If your need is more urgent than this timing allows, you can sign up for an urgent call for a 50% premium.

Stop throwing away money trying to solve XX problem. Call me and I’ll help you through it. Guaranteed.

Nishkarsh K


maybe i’m late for it, but here goes:

manage/automate your business using tailor made software on low code stack to avoid/reduce developer dependency for maintenance while keeping your data out of vendor lock-ins.


I am running a daring test.

And if I am right, you will benefit to the tune of at least $5,000 within 30 days. Guaranteed.

Let me get straight to the point.

I see a LOT of my subscribers who have a good business BUT are missing something very important.

They are too close to their business, their offer, their message and therefore blind to some element that would make a big difference.

As an independent eye (and someone who lives and breathes this stuff daily) I am able to see things you cannot. There are always untapped opportunities, sitting in plain sight, if you know where (and how) to look.

Who this is for...

If you have an existing successful/semi successful business with a decent list of subscribers/clients/customers and ready to open the taps on a sudden income surge, then register for a one hour ‘rapid results’ session with me, and I will uncover, in 60 minutes with you, at least one breakthrough you’ll be able to test immediately.

I will be looking for an upside that you can profit from within 30 days. Quick wins, easy to deploy, that generate instant measurable results.

The process...

  1. You will pay me $1,000 upfront, which I will set aside.

  2. After 30 days you will have tested my suggestions and either gained at LEAST an extra $5,000 with likely ongoing potential, or you will receive your money back in full. I won’t ask for proof, your word is good enough for me.

  3. Assuming we are successful, you will submit me a testimonial with the exact results and timeframes we achieved our results in.

Bear in mind your $5000 upside within 30 days is the MINIMUM benefit you will receive in this daring test. You may benefit a LOT more.

If I can find a tweak to your offer or improve how you express your value, and that gets you a lift in results, then you’ll keep my suggestion rolling and benefit every month, forever. There is no downside here.

What I am saying is your upside is unlimited, but the worst that can happen is you get your money back.

Sound 100% ethical? Very.

I wanted to create a darling test where you’d say... ‘I’d be a fool not to’

Let’s do it.

Click HERE and complete the short form. I will respond to you within 48 hours.

Michael Noyola


I was curious if there were any replies to your challenge.

Here’s my lines that would have to be on my $1000 call page (or some variant thereof).

  1. Here’s what you’re going to get: (features and benefits summary).
  2. 20x returns and satisfaction guaranteed on implementing what we talk about.
  3. 100% money back within 30/60/90 days if you’re not satisfied with it.

Even if they get 10x returns...they won’t want their money back...and if they do, that says something about them as a person.

All I risk is my time and I learn something valuable about business every time I talk to an owner, so I’m getting value even if I don’t get paid.



John Strohmeyer

Well, I do offer that initial consult, but for $750, which should be close enough.

Here’s the link to my page where I sell an initial consult for $750 or $2,500, click the video link in the bottom right corner of the page.


What would it need to say?

But I’m pretty sure you can translate and simplify those questions.