June 12, 2021

Outrageous Prices, reader feedback

Fellow list member Jing Johnson replied to my last message with a nuanced observation based on her experience (shared with permission):

Totally agree!

It’s always interesting to me how people respond to our pricing so differently. Some are grateful for our service, and happy to pay for it. Others think it’s too much or unreasonable.

It boils down to two reasons: 1) whether they understand the value we could bring to their projects or business; 2) whether they have a lower-cost option/resource that has offers the same value.

As for Reason #1, they could still be our potential ideal clients. It’s our job to educate them on the value of our service.

As for Reason #2, they are not our ideal clients, at least not now. However, if they ever lose that option/resource, the situation could change, and we will have our opportunity again.

Happy Saturday, Jonathan!

I think the key takeaway for most people on this list is this:

Just because one potential client thinks your pricing is outrageous, doesn’t mean they ALL will.