June 5, 2021

How to Become THE Recognized Authority with Jonathan Stark

Longtime friend-of-the-list Alastair McDermott invited me on his podcast to talk about how to become THE recognized authority in your space.


Here’s the high level summary from Alastair’s show notes:

Becoming an expert in your field takes a lot of work and effort. But if you want to be recognized as an authority, you need to do more. In this episode, you’ll hear from Jonathan and Alastair as they discuss how to become that recognized authority.

Jonathan is fantastic, I could chat to him all week about this stuff if he’d let me. Here are 4 take-aways I got from him:

  1. First on differentiation, when you’re trying to set yourself apart from your competitors and avoid being seen as a commodity, Jonathan suggests a couple of ways to find that “big idea”.
  2. Secondly, he talks about specialization as focus. You have got to come up with some kind of focus, and once you have that focus, you go all in on that focus in your marketing. Not necessarily in your service delivery.
  3. Thirdly, Jonathan boils marketing for consultants down to a very simple concept: writing and speaking.
  4. And I have to do bonus 4th take-away because there was just much in that episode: just showing up in a market is marketing. Showing up to help the people in your market get what they want, that’s marketing. Another one of Jonathan’s mantras is “Help people you like get what they want”. Simple and incredibly effective.

FYI - If you’d rather read than listen, there’s a full transcript on the show notes page.

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