June 1, 2021

Getting The Best Answers

Have you ever asked a question that you really wanted answered—and got back something that wasn’t helpful (or worse, crickets)?

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I talk about how to avoid that in the future.


Talking Points

How to get feedback on a new offering you’re considering.

The art of asking for—and securing—permission to ask almost anything you’d like (this may be the step you’ve been missing if you’ve been striking out).

Getting yourself booked as a podcast guest, even if you’re just starting.

The role of trust in how you approach the answerer and position your question.

The optimal way to solicit feedback in an on-line community—and the sure way to never get the answers you really need.

Quotable Quotes

“The first piece of how to ask a really good question is picking the person you’re going to ask.”—JS

“If you want an answer to a question (in email), ask the question right up front and ideally give the answerer enough information that they can help you.”—RM

“If you do the question up front, I don’t consider that to be blunt. I would put the question up front and then have whatever context you think is necessary, the minimum amount of viable context.”—JS

“The headline…give that some attention. And then what’s the question and how are you asking it? If you hook us, we’re going to read the rest.”—RM

“I think the wrong way (to pitch yourself as a podcast guest) is to just sort of tout your credentials and say let me know if you’d like to set up a call.”—JS

“You wouldn’t believe how many people have pitched themselves to my clients who have a no guest podcast—you’ve got to do your homework.”—RM

“If this sounds like a lot of work (pitching yourself), it is. And guess what? That’s why it’s not spam.”—JS

“The more specific you can be, the more helpful feedback you’re going to get.”—RM

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