May 5, 2021

Are non-profits a good niche?​ (reader feedback)

Fellow list member Reuben Herzl sent in some useful feedback regarding yesterday’s message about non-profits as a niche (shared with permission):

Nice topic Jonathan, and right on!

Nonprofits have been my bread and butter for years but it has taken me time to move from producing social impact work (for well-funded local foundations with a proper marketing budget) to national conservation organizations.

Only those organizations with a headcount of over 100 folks or so tend to be able to afford me, but that’s okay. (Pro tip: look at their IRS 990 filings and you can learn a lot!)

Anyways, I’ve learned so much from your content for years, Jonathan. Always a breath of fresh air.



If you’re serious about niching down on non-profits, check out GuideStar. I don’t know if there’s still a free plan, but there used to be.