May 4, 2021

Are non-profits a good niche?

If you’re not getting enough leads, my general advice is to niche down on a target market.

Invariably, this raises the question “Okay but... how do I pick a target market to niche down on?”

To which I tend to reply with, “Who would you most like to help?”

Most people can’t answer this on the spot so they go away to think about it for a while.

When they eventually come back it’s fairly common to hear something like this:

“I’m socially conscious and I’d like to make the world a better place, so I should probably work with non-profits. But... are non-profits a good niche?”

Here’s the thing...

Can you build a profitable business serving non-profits?

Yes, definitely.


Niching down on non-profits is not really any more focused than niching down on for-profits.

Are there differences between serving an environmental non-profit vs an animal rights non-profit?

Yes, definitely.

Are there differences between serving a local chapter vs global leadership?

Yes, definitely.

Are there differences between serving executive leadership vs “boots on the ground” volunteers?

Yes, definitely.


Where do you start?

If you have experience with a particular type of buyer at a particular type of non-profit that happens to be of a particular size, I think that would be a great place to start.