May 1, 2021

Success story from reader Michael Noyola

Fellow list member Michael Noyola wrote in with story that is a specific example of an abstract message I sent recently (shared with permission):


So much wisdom. Three sentences. Genius.

3 years ago, my first client knew well what he needed (lead gen).

He insisted on trying to get really targeted people to book directly to a meeting with him (estate planning), rather than just casting a wide net, and letting us build a nurture process to develop the leads and get them sold on hime before they even booked the appointment.

Didn’t work out well when we did it his way ("asking for the sexy-time, without any dating", so to speak)

I got blamed (I have a podcast saved where his marketing manager and his biz dev consultant blame me...always great listening to that one).

It was my fault, but not in the way they thought about it...

I should have said, "No. This is the way we do it or we don’t do it at all," and returned his $1500 strategy session payment.

So, Jonathan, thanks for reminding me to say "no" next time.


Bravo to Michael for recognizing his mistake and learning from it.

I consider that a success :-)