April 12, 2021

Selling At The Intersection

This week on TBOA...

Positioning yourself smack dab in your sweet spot - the intersection of your talents and passions with a proven market of people ready to buy - is a game changer.


Talking Points

How to pinpoint the intersection of your talents and passions with a demonstrated market of people ready to buy.

Identifying your superpower talent (and why it’s sometimes challenging to see it for yourself).

Why your goal is to create white space in your market—and how to use your talents and passions to carve it out.

Engaging your target market in unique ways that tie to your brand, your positioning.

The power of research and why we don’t do it nearly often enough (and how to change that).

Quotable Quotes

“A lot of times our greatest talent comes so easily to us that we don’t even think of it as a talent.”—RM

“You could do an exercise with sticky notes where you write down a bunch of things you’re good at—not just business things, but every thing—and a bunch of things you really love doing. You look for the overlaps.”—JS

“We don’t hire cardboard cutouts—we hire real people and real people have talents and passions.”—RM

“Since we’re no longer limited to the accidental geography we find ourselves in... there’s no reason for you to be limited by your immediate vicinity. Your market is global, almost certainly.”—JS

“You have to research who’s in your space: what are they saying, what are they doing, what are they selling—because you want to carve out white space that no one else owns.”—RM

“If you’re putting yourself out there, being an entrepreneur, starting your own business, why not start one that makes you jump out of bed?”—JS

“Building authority requires confidence.”—RM

“Go ‘painstorming’ in the watering holes of the people you want to help. Find a place where they hang out on-line—find places where they vent... to give you a crash course into this market.”—JS

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