Captain’s log, stardate 20230721


Productized Subscription Service Examples

Looking for examples of “all-you-can-eat” subscription services?

Here are two that I love:

Brett at DesignJoy

Ryan at

Both provide non-advisory “hands work,” which is probably the trickiest way to package your expertise in a subscription model.

And yet!

Brett is doing seven-figures per year completely by himself as a soloist, and Ryan is doing six-figures per month with one employee and a team of contractors.

Check out both interviews and I think you’ll find that neither one is feeling overwhelmed by unlimited requests from their clients.



P.S. Thanks to everyone who donated to the annual “break-a-thon” charity fundraiser I mentioned last week!

This year, we are donating to The Tomorrow Fund, which provides daily financial and emotional support to children with cancer.

We’re two thirds of the way to our $30,000 goal with seven days to go, so the pressure is on!

Yesterday, a group of us spent four hours cutting the 4,000 boards that the students will be breaking next Saturday.

If supporting this cause would put a smile on your face, it’s as simple as buying a few boards online:

Donate Now »

I’ll post video of flying sidekicks etc after the event if you’re interested 😀


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