February 11, 2021

What they want you to DO is not what they WANT

It’s pretty common for prospective clients to reach out to folks like us with a punchlist of things they want us to do.

For example...

...but things like these are not what they really WANT.

What they’re asking you to do is something that they think will lead to what they really want.

What they really want will look more like...

Uncovering what the client really wants is what The Why Conversation is designed to do.

It’s a framework to help you find out what the client really wants to achieve, rather than scoping out what activities they think they want you to perform on their behalf.

Yes, conducting The Why Conversation requires you to push back on the initial request and challenge the client’s thinking, but it can lead to a big win-win.

Namely, that you will end up doing less work to produce more value, which means more profit for both of you.