November 1, 2020

Plenty of fish

If you had to guess, how many fish would you say are in the ocean?

A million?

100 million?

A billion?

Nope... not even close.

Scientists estimate that there are well over 3 trillion fish in the ocean.

Three. Trillion.

That’s a lot of fish.

But the ocean is REEEEALLY big.

Maybe you’ve never been to the ocean, but I grew up in Rhode Island which is right on the Atlantic. So I’ve seen it. And I can tell you it is NOT teeming with fish.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that there’s a lot more ocean in the ocean than there are fish in the ocean.

. . .

Now picture a swimming pool. One of those blue circular, above ground ones that’s about 15 ft across.

Imagine this swimming pool full of fresh water and stocked with a thousand rainbow trout. Like, so jam-packed with fish that some are flopping out over the side onto the ground.

If you had to catch a fish to feed your family tonight, would you go after the 3 trillion in the ocean? Or the 1,000 jumping out of the pool?

Here’s the thing...

Yes, there are literally three billion times more fish in the ocean than in the pool, but it doesn’t matter because it’s so much harder to catch fish in the ocean.

It’s way WAY easier to catch fish in the pool, and a thousand fish is more than you’ll probably ever need.

Don’t fish in the ocean.

There are pools everywhere.



P.S. No fish were harmed in the making of this message.