October 29, 2020

Website anti-patterns

Question: What is your website for?

  1. A place to list your skills in hopes of landing a full time job
  2. An outlet for your innermost thoughts, feelings, and opinions
  3. A tool to capture leads and potentially generate new business

If you answered #3, then your site should be bringing in at least a few leads per week. Otherwise, it’s broken.

It might as well be down.

But what can you do to improve your site?

In today’s marathon (2hr 29min!) Tough Love Teardown website review session, we identified a handful of common patterns - and anti-patterns - that you can learn from to improve the effectiveness of your site.

Some of them are so easy to implement that folks were editing their sites on the fly!

Here’s what a few attendees had to say in the chat:

Watch the replay now before it’s gone:


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