August 22, 2020

Different Pictures

Imagine a big tree.

So big that you couldn’t come close to reaching around the trunk with your arms.

Big enough to lay down and relax on one of the branches.

Got a picture in your head?

Great. Me too.


Unless you grew up in Warwick RI in the late 70s, I can guarantee that you and I are picturing different trees.

We both know what “big tree” means, but we visualize it differently.

We have different pictures in our heads.

If I paid you to draw a big tree for me, I might not consider it to be a “good” drawing if it didn’t look like the picture in my head.

Here’s the thing...

You and your clients almost certainly have different pictures in your head for things like:

Taking on a project without finding out exactly what your client is picturing when they use vague terms like these is a recipe for scope creep, missed deadlines, and blown budgets.

Make them get more specific before taking on the work.