July 13, 2020

The Value Of Brand

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I couldn’t resist using the recent moves in Higher Ed (we’re talking about you Harvard) as a jumping off point to look at brand and value.

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Talking Points

Why the extremes get stronger during massive change and why you don’t want to be in the middle.

The real value of your brand and the experiences you deliver (vs. what you might think they are).

How price aligns with value and the bargaining power of the market leader.

Deciding which experiences and outcomes you want to promote.

The value of being the head or the tail—and why as an authority the head is way more attractive.

Quotable Quotes

“When the internet comes for your industry…the middle gets destroyed.”—JS

“The impact of the pandemic and people working from home is just going to accelerate the virtual nature of work.”—RM

“Be Amazon or Apple.”—JS

“As an authority, you want to be the head or the tail. The more you niche, the more opportunities you’ll have to be at the head.” RM

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