May 20, 2020

Would you like a free copy of the Hourly Billing Is Nuts audiobook?

Sent by Jonathan Stark on May 20th, 2020

Do you know someone who is sick of:

These are all symptoms of being caught in the hourly trap.

In 2016, I published Hourly Billing Is Nuts to warn people of the dangers of hourly billing and the message has been spreading steadily ever since.

So why am I telling you about a four-year old book that you probably already own?

Because at long last, the audiobook version of Hourly Billing Is Nuts is available. YAY!

It’s a (slightly) updated version of the original text, read by me. It’s an intentionally concise book, so the audio clocks in a just over an hour. Thanks to my many beta listeners, I know that hearing these ideas spoken aloud by the author can be more effective at getting the point across. I hope loads of people check it out (and have priced it accordingly).

What’s included?

The download consists of:

Best of all, the files are DRM-free, which means that you can read or listen on an unlimited number and variety of devices, in your favorite apps, with no annoying hoops to jump through.

Would you help me get the word out?

If you’d like to grab a FREE copy of the Hourly Billing Is Nuts audiobook, just share a link to it on social media. Make sure to @ mention me so I see your share and I’ll DM you a 100% off coupon. That’s it!

Of course you’re welcome to post whatever you like, but here’s a starting point to make it easier for you:

Do you bill by the hour? You might want to check out Hourly Billing Is Nuts by @jonathanstark - the audiobook just launched and its only $9 through Friday! Here’s the link:

These are the links to my social media accounts for your @ mentioning pleasure:

(If you’re not active on either of those platforms, just email me a screenshot of your share and I’ll reply with the coupon)

Thanks in advance for spreading the HBIN message. And remember… friends don’t let friends bill by the hour ;-)