May 19, 2020

(Re)positioning Yourself: A Crash Course with Jonathan Stark

Sent by Jonathan Stark on May 19th, 2020

The lovely and talented Alex Hillman of invited me to speak to their membership last week about repositioning your freelance business in response to COVID-19.

Here’s the event description:

With all the belt-tightening going on, it’s never been more important to quickly and clearly communicate your value proposition to potential clients. Whether you need to pivot from an old positioning statement to a new one, or to firm up your soggy positioning statement in response to a crisis, this interactive session will help you clarify your value proposition so that anyone you meet can easily understand: * What you do * Who you help * What you help them with * Why you’re the best person for the job Who is this talk for? This webinar is for freelancers, consultants, coaches, contractors, and anyone else who sells their services for living.

The reaction from the audience was quite positive, especially regarding the Q&A segment at the end. Alex graciously allowed me to republish the audio of the talk as an episode of Ditching Hourly so other freelancers could potentially benefit from it.

!!! LISTEN NOW - (Re)positioning Yourself: A Crash Course with Jonathan Stark !!!

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