April 29, 2020

Success story from reader Stacey Solie

Sent by Jonathan Stark on April 29th, 2020

Longtime list member Stacey Solie wrote in with a success story that I think you’ll find inspirational (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan, Writing to say thank you. I’ve been a freelance writer and editor for many years, formerly with an eye toward journalism, which helped set my price-point unsustainably low. When I took on writing and editing for other people’s projects I charged by the hour, which always ended up biting me --Even after 15- 20 years of writing I still always always always under-estimate how long something will take, and then felt bad or embarrassed about revealing how long something took me to do and charging for it, as if I were doing something wrong. Awhile back a friend/ colleague Bob Lalasz mentioned your stance that “hourly billing is nuts” - Intrigued, I bought the e-book (actually the middle package w/ additional pdfs) even though at the time the $150 or whatever it cost was a significant portion of what I had in my bank account -- I was desperate to find a new way of doing business, and willing to invest. And, I’ve been value-pricing ever since. I went from having an unsustainable business where I was always anxious, nearly broke, waiting for checks to come in so I could use them to pay bills but never having anything left over -- to completely transforming everything. Now I price by the project -- My pricing is still intuitive to a degree but I make sure it’s big enough that if I end up spending 2-3 times more time on something, due to my own perfectionism, I’m still well-compensated. It has taken the edge off invoicing. I have better clients. I feel more self-respect. I recently hired Rochelle Moulton as a coach -- saw that you have a podcast together, and it inspired me to circle back and let you know how your perspective helped change my perspective and transform how I see myself, what I offer, what kinds of projects I’m willing to take on and want to take on. Thinking of myself as the expert that I am, and valuing my own expertise, has improved my autonomy in all aspects of life. Thank you for sharing what you know! -Stacey Solie

Thanks to Stacey for sharing this with everyone!

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