March 4, 2020

How to Write Better Proposals - FREE webinar tomorrow

Sent by Jonathan Stark on March 4th, 2020

How would it change your business if you could close more deals at better prices without spending more time writing proposals?

That’d probably be pretty, great right?

Unfortunately, when I talk to most people about their proposal writing process, I hear things like:

Yuck. I’ve totally been there. But over the years I’ve refined an approach that worked great for me in my consulting business and has worked for hundreds of students who I’ve shared it with since.

How to Write Better Proposals FREE Webinar

To kick off the launch for the next session of The Pricing Seminar, I’m hosting a free webinar on one of the most popular topics that we cover in the program:

How to Write Better Proposals

The webinar content Is pulled from the first week of TPS and will cover:

Get your questions answered live

The presentation will be about 40 minutes long, followed by as much Q&A as you like. I think the maximum length of a Crowdcast session is 2 hours, so there should be plenty of time to get all your questions answered.

Register ASAP

The event will be at 1pm ET on Thursday March 5th, 2020. As I write this, that’s less than 24 hours away, so if you’re interested in attending live register now to reserve your spot:


I look forward to chatting with you soon!