March 3, 2020

Another client perspective on hourly billing

Sent by Jonathan Stark on March 3rd, 2020

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The handsome and talented Erik Dietrich wrote in with a response to a recent message (subject: “We’ll let you know”) in which I asked the reader to imagine ordering a ham sandwich without knowing the price.

Here’s what Erik had to say (shared with permission):

Hey Jonathan, Your analogy about the restaurant landed heavily with me. I’ve had a few particularly maddening encounters lately with hourly vendors, which prompted me to write a ranty, long blog post about hourly billing. I used a similar analogy about buying a candy bar from a grocery store and the clerk telling you, “I dunno how what you’ll pay -- you’ll find out when you get an invoice in 6-8 weeks, once we factor in our electricity and insurance costs for the month.” In complete seriousness, I’m now putting a moratorium for our business on dealing with vendors who bill hourly for deliverables like contract reviews, tax returns, or other things that any so-called professional should be able to flat price or price per unit of scope. I’m done. Erik

Here’s a link to Erik’s article (if you’re a dev, you should check out his blog anyway… it’s gold)

Here’s the thing…

Clients hate hourly billing. You can increase your prices instantly simply by providing them with fixed prices - the added security and decreased stress are very valuable to good clients. Try it on a small project and see what they say.