February 18, 2020

Success story from reader Devin Holmes

Sent by Jonathan Stark on February 18th, 2020

Fellow list member Devin Holmes replied to a recent message about whale clients (subject: “What to do when you are being dominated by a whale client”) with the following success story (shared with permission):

Jonathan, This is summed up perfectly! It is eerie how much this echoes my exact situation. My design business was hijacked by a whale of a company two years ago that operates as a freelance “collective”. Basically, we’ve all been employed, but as contractors without benefits! I would add that “uncertain hours/pay” are another common side effect of this arrangement. I’ve had the opportunity to advance in the company a year ago, but I flat out refused any more work over 20 hours to allow me to focus on my own business. In that year, and with your help, I’ve learned light years more about business and positioning and recently launched a web design agency called Proxy. I did this all while keeping <20 hrs with the other company. Momentum is building with Proxy, and once I have two new projects signed at 10k minimum, I have decided to take the plunge and bounce from the old whale company! Thanks Jonathan! Keep up the good work! —Devin

Thanks to Devin for sharing! I hope his story inspires other folks who have been “whalejacked”