February 2, 2020

Can a positioning statement be TOO focused?

In yesterday’s message, I suggested that you should get more specific about WHO YOU HELP or WHAT YOU DO if you aren’t getting enough leads.

Several alert readers replied to point out that the opposite could be true.

i.e., your positioning could be too narrowly focused and it might need to be broadened to attract more leads.

Great point!

Yes, being too narrowly focused in your positioning can cause just as much of a problem as being too broad.

For example, if your positioning statement is something like:

“I do DevOps for former US Presidents”

...then yeah... you might need to broaden your focus a bit.

I can’t remember a time when I’ve worked with someone who was starting out with a positioning statement that was too narrow, but it’s certainly a possibility.

If you’re not sure whether your positioning is too narrow or too broad, hit reply and tell me in 20 words or fewer what you do.

I’ll shoot back my opinion 👍