December 1, 2019

Bob Iger

Sent by Jonathan Stark on December 2nd, 2019

Do you know who Bob Iger is? Probably not.

Here are the relevant bits from Wikipedia:

Robert Allen Iger is Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company. He was named President and COO of Disney in 2000, and later succeeded Michael Eisner as the official CEO in 2005. During Iger’s tenure, Disney broadened the company’s roster of intellectual properties and its presence in international markets; Iger oversaw the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox, as well as the expansion of the company’s theme park resorts in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Iger was a driving force behind the reinvigoration of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Under Iger, Disney has experienced increases in revenue across its various divisions, with the company’s market capitalization value increasing from $48 billion to $257 billion over a period of thirteen years.

In case you skimmed over the last paragraph, Disney’s market cap increased by more than $200,000,000,000.00 dollars thanks to Bob Iger.

That’s a LOT of dollars. So... how does someone land in the driver’s seat of a company with 200,000+ employees and deliver results like this?

With a great strategy.

Okay, so... what was Iger’s strategy for growing a multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate? Surely it was a complex and lengthy manifesto, right?


It was seven words:

That’s it.

Here’s the thing…

You don’t have 200k employees. But you still need a strategy if you want to increase your income.

Otherwise you’re just winging it. And if you’re just winging it, odds are that another year will go by with you moving one inch in every direction. Again.