February 25, 2021

“What steps should I take to get a new business off the ground in three months?” and more...

In today’s group coaching session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

Plus, we did a website teardown and two positioning statement reviews.

Good stuff!

Here are some of the questions I answered today:

What do you think about this linkedin tagline for a R&D product development consultant: “Expert at guiding R&D engineering teams on how to complete projects with pride rather than with excuses.” (timestamp: 1m 16s)

Hey J! 👋 You and Rochelle talked about the central theme for everything you do - newsletter, podcast, blog, books, pretty much all the marketing material. Would you validate the theme before you go all-in? And if so, how? Also, on that note, how do you know the theme isn’t “too much board” or “too much niche”. Example, for a better idea: Testing Business Ideas vs Design Sprints for validating Project Management product ideas. (timestamp: 9m 20s)

My standard package is: „Find and articulate your message through Brand Storyboarding” (3 sessions) I have arrived at 1800$, Sold it once so far. But some don’t need to clarify their message, and still are drawn to my work. For „just illustrations” I feel the price is too high. Should I differentiate my service, work on my mindset, or send them away? Or is the 1800 for messaging consulting even too low? Is my “designer identity” getting into the way? (timestamp: 19m 1s)

Just made a Mondo pivot last week. From ~pure technical consulting, I’ve moved all new business development to R&D product development consulting with my own unique flare. What are the steps to get this off of the ground in three months? (timestamp: 25m 3s)

Just got this in response to asking for 100% up front. Have you dealt with this before? “The problem with paying you up front is that we has nothing to show in the event that you fall ill or pass away during this engagement. During COVID this is an even more pressing concern particularly when working with an individual versus a firm where there may be back-up support.” (timestamp: 34m 57s)

Our first productized service is something we call “Discovery Phase” (Project Briefs, Service Blueprint, Personas, Red Routes Map and Wireflows). It’s meant as a phase before we start to write tailor made software. Something we missed in so many projects before to ensure a good result. It’s focused on SMBs. Usually, they don’t know what the deliverables (blueprints, maps, wireframes,...) are or why they need them. How would you explain it to them? Webinars? YouTube? White papers? Website only? (timestamp: 37m 8s)

Can you give me your thoughts on my positioning statement: I’m a brand strategist who transforms B Corporations brands from ho hum to heck yeah! Thank you. (timestamp: 43m 2s)

Hey Jonathan. Can you do a quick website tear down of my site? Thanks. (timestamp: 50m 11s)

(If you’re curious, you can review the entire list of past questions here)

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