September 27, 2019

What clients are buying

Sent by Jonathan Stark on September 28th, 2019

Clients don’t pay you for code or copy or photos or videos or illustrations or logos or white papers or whatever work product you typically deliver.

Clients pay you to solve a problem. 


If you don’t know up front what problem your client thinks your deliverables will solve for them, then your chances of satisfying the client are about the same as hitting a 3-point shot in the dark. 

Here’s the thing...

If you’re not satisfying your clients, they aren’t likely to hire you again or to give you glowing testimonials or to refer you to their friends.


If you want to differentiate yourself from the masses and command premium fees from clients who are happy to pay, your goal on every engagement should be to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.


By finding out in advance what problem they want you to solve, and how they’ll know that you’ve solved it.