June 27, 2019

Success story from reader RP

Sent by Jonathan Stark on June 28th, 2019

List member RP wrote in with this inspirational story about how interacting differently with a prospect in the sales interview can transform their perception of you from hired hand to respected expert (shared with permission, name withheld by request, bold mine):

Hi Jonathan, RP here. I’m telling you this story about a client meeting, proposal, bid etc. as it is my first real experience applying all the information you have been putting out (I have also being following The Futur for a while too). Maybe there is a snippet of info you could use for a video OR maybe a new thing that might be helpful to other and good content you could do case studies about what could have been done differently etc. Spoiler - I didn’t get the project, but **I feel so empowered practicing what I had been learning for so long but too scared to try** - so thank you! So… BACKGROUND INFO: I’m 25 years old, work full-time as an in-house designer for a small business - so do everything from branding, website design, social media management and Google Ads, generally getting more clients etc. all-round business development through design thinking * I do some minor freelance work - websites, logos, branding etc, for small amounts of money for friends and family outside of work. * A colleague at work recommended me to his friend who owns a business that supplies polishing and abrasive products to engineering firms and were older owners who wanted someone to start and manage their social media accounts * I rang and arranged a meeting (as they are only 3mins away from my house) …where the magic happens… * I went to the meeting with the business owner, he offloaded for 10mins about what he thought he wanted (to get brand awareness) * After, I asked to take some steps back and did the why, why, why. Eg. why do you want social media management, why now, why not do it in-house, what do you hope to gain, what is the objective etc. etc. * Discovery summary: they have been growing organically for 7 years and now have capital to grow, they have heard social media is good for business but its totally unknown territory for them. They have no-one in house capable (small business) and are really uneducated on social media. * I discussed about social media marketing: how it could build brand awareness, credibility and exposure as well as how it could lead to real lead generation and conversions through email signups and various CTA to ultimately get a great ROI. * I also asked what a customer is valued at for them which on average is £2000pm so £24k per year! * We cut it there I sent a proposal - using your template. It had a small, medium and large investment package. And I followed up today (6 days later via phone call) * He said he’s decided to go against using me for now. It is something they see of value, but did not realise the expense it would be and the value that it could produce. He said he thought it was a deal of paying a little bit of money for someone to make a couple of posts. * Due to just bringing on a salesman (which he mentioned in the meeting) and needing some new vehicles, now isn’t the time to be spending such amounts of money. * He said it would be good if at the end of August, I could come in to meet his business partner and go more in-depth about how they can see a ROI. Sorry for long winded email - I’ll stop now. Just want to say I feel like this is a giant WIN for me despite not getting the work, I was respected by the clients and perceived as an expert. Thank you —RP

Thanks for sharing, River! I hope folks are inspired by your story :)